Sunday, June 4, 2017

Rumors and Gossip

I'll be honest here for a minute... something I used to be very regularly on this blog.  I have been very gun-shy about posting anything of substance here lately besides pictures of the kids.  I haven't wanted to really say what's going on or share my opinions or really much of anything because we recently experienced some unpleasant fallout following the blog I shared nearly six weeks ago about an uncertain medical situation we were facing asking for prayers for us during that time.

I have not written about it since, not because we are still awaiting results but because following my post asking for prayers, a few people decided to both fish for and assume information... and then start sharing the unsubstantiated information with others as though it was fact.

Here we were awaiting test results and having doctors and even specialists tell us that they weren't sure what was going on... and we hear through the grapevine that certain ones had been sharing assumed information -- information we the patients did not even know yet -- far and wide as though it was fact.  It made a hard situation in our lives even worse.

When asked why, they said they read my blog... as though my blog is where they learned this false information that they were spreading to our family and friends.  Well... no such information was ever shared in my blog and it has made me very uneasy about sharing anything at all -- including an update about or details regarding the medical situation.

So... here are some images I found while trying to come to terms with writing this post and struggling with whether or not to continue writing so openly on this blog...

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