Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Let's Not Go Here...

So, I am now 20 weeks along with my pregnancy, and I should really be posting pregnancy updates by now -- and I will start, I promise.

But, I see the writing on the wall...

I had my first pregnancy with one baby...
My second pregnancy carrying two babies...
And now with my third pregnancy carrying our fourth baby, my uterus thinks it needs to expand to accommodate twins (or triplets) when it really only has to nourish and grow one baby.

Here are some past pictures:

 19 weeks pregnant with Tracey... what baby?  Where?

 Comparison between first two pregnancies:

20 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

 And... now...
20 weeks with Baby Number 4... with enough room for twins, but only one baby:

 So... I want to do pregnancy updates... but I don't know that I need to compare my size every week between the three pregnancies... just an update on my symptoms and life and how things are going with the pregnancy.


  1. You are beautiful! You post whatever you want and people can suck it up and deal if they don't like it.


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