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Twins -- Five Months

This post is unconscionably late... first it was my lack of access to pictures from the past month because of my change of computers... then it was children and life making a long, thoughtful post like this one exhausting to write.  But, here we go -- they are still five months old, and here is the update!

For comparison:

Twins as newborns

Twins at 3 months

Twins at 5 months


They are such healthy babies!  At his appointment a few weeks ago, Howard weighed 16 pounds, 13.3 ounces and was in the 64th percentile for weight.  Adjusted for the fact he was one month early, he measures in the 84th percentile.  He is such a happy, big, tall little boy!  Howard seems to be all head and chest, so he feels like a really solid little linebacker when you carry him.
And Caroline is so healthy.  We were very surprised by how much she weighed at her appointment because she feels so much lighter than Howard... but she weighed 14 pounds, 7.2 ounces and was in the 42nd percentile.  My dad said, "She really carries her weight well!"  I think because Howard is big in the head and chest, he really feels a lot heavier than Caroline, but she is certainly holding her own in the growth department.  Not adjusted for being one month early, she was in the 64th percentile.

When I think about how small these babies were when they were born -- not too small, but very small nonetheless, I get pretty overwhelmed.  Howard was even kept at the hospital a few extra days because the hospital staff felt he wasn't gaining enough after birth... and he has just showed showed everyone what it means to be a healthy big boy.  But his eating has not been at Caroline's expense -- she has made sure she gets her fair share as well.  I am just so proud of them.

According to their doctor's appointment, 
Howard is 26 inches long (65th percentile -- 91st percentile when adjusted for prematurity), and
Caroline is 24.8 inches long (45th percentile -- 77th percentile when adjusted for prematurity).
Being born one month early isn't a huge deal in terms of their premature measurements... but it just gives you an idea of the size of these kiddos in relation to babies of the same ages.  When Tracey was their age, she was in the 88th percentile for height and I feel like Caroline's clothes are tighter length-wise than Tracey's were at the same age.  Basically, I'm pretty sure I will end up being the shrimp of the family with our children getting height from Hubby.

Clothing size: 

I can hardly keep up with Howard's size, so I've kind of stopped trying -- if the tag says six months, it's practically headed straight for storage, with the exception of a couple of outfits that seem to run big.  He's in 9 month and 12 month clothes and I'm not sure if we will make it through the summer without going to some 18 month clothes.
Caroline is very comfortable in size 6 month clothes, but they are none too big for her. 

A lot of milk.

This month I had to accept that the babies eat every 2.5-3 hours all day.  I keep thinking that we should be able to go longer stretches, and occasionally they will make it to 3.5 or 4 hours... but I think just because they are twins, and consuming double the amount of milk as a single baby, they still nurse very frequently throughout the day.  Although my body can produce all the milk they need, it does not seem to be able to store 6 hours worth of milk for the babies, so they eat every 2.5-3 hours.  It is just our routine now.

These babies are really good, although Howard seems to like to party a little more than Caroline.  Caroline loves her sleep, and falls asleep between 7-8 every night and sleeps until 5-6 the next morning.  Even then, I usually have to awaken her for the morning feeding and then she often will go back to sleep for another hour or so.  Howard, on the other hand, does not want to be left out of any action, and Tracey was the same way.  He is perfectly content to be the last child awake at night -- with a sunny disposition, just making it clear that he is not ready for bed.  Then, he awakens more frequently throughout the night as well.  And, once he awakens for the morning feeding, he is usually bright-eyed and ready for the day.  They also both take cat naps throughout the day -- sometimes at the same time, but usually not.

New things/discoveries/accomplishments: 
  • We began to spend some time outside this month... with a lot of equipment for sometimes only a little time outside
  • Mama took her first walks with all three children -- twins in stroller and Tracey in a child hiking backpack -- sometimes one twin in the Moby while Tracey's in the stroller
  • First time attending a school program for Tracey
  • First time going for ice cream at Maggie Moo's with Grammie and Papa
  • Caroline found her feet this month
  • Both babies got pretty clingy this month (I think related to teething) and so I did much more baby-juggling than I have in past months

  • Howard is such a happy boy.  He has the best little squeal of a laugh and he definitely loves Mama -- probably because I provide the milk.  When he's excited, he wants my undivided attention, and will take both hands, and physically turn my head so that my nose and mouth are facing him -- they he will often try to eat my nose.  He can roll over in both directions, but he doesn't really use it yet -- when he rolls it still surprises him.  Howard still remains serious in new situations and with new people.
  • Caroline is such a sweetheart.  She loves her rest and is an amazing sleeper.  She giggles and laughs as well and will smile in new situations earlier than Howard does.  She is very content to sit on her own and watch Howard and Caroline and myself.  She does not demand to be held nearly as often as Howard or Tracey... and I feel guilty that she isn't held as often... but she really seems to be joyfully happy in a bouncer or playing with toys, and not always being held, so I certainly hope that she really is as content as she appears and she would let me know if she needed additional or different attention.

  • Being held
  • Pacifiers
  • Nursing
  • Eye-contact and funny voices
  • Having their tummy's tickled
  • Baths and showers
  • Playing with Tracey
  • Playing with each other
  • The excersaucer/walker toys
  • The stroller, most of the time

  • Being hungry
  • Spending too much time in the carseats
  • Being cold 
  • Being awakened (especially Caroline)

Special Memories:
  • Grammie and Papa coming out to help while Mama returned to work
  • First Mother's Day with Howard and Caroline
  • Mama passing her UEB braille test while Howard and Caroline hung out in the next room -- Mama only had to stop to nurse twice during the test!

Places They Went:
  •  Maggie Moo's Ice Cream Shop
  • A PEO meeting
  • Tracey's school graduation
  • Rifle Middle School end of the year party

  • Howard
  • Master Howard
  • Buddy
  • Our Little Hunk
  • Mister
  • Big guy
  • Little guy 
  • Little Roller
  • "Oward" Tracey's name for him 
  • Caroline
  • Sweet Caroline
  • Sweetheart
  • Sweetie Pie
  • Baby Girl
  • Little Bubble-blower
  • "Airoline" Tracey's name for her

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