Monday, June 27, 2016


So, like most people our age, Hubby and I send and receive a lot of text messages.  We're not like teenagers, who I'm beginning to realize, send text messages exclusively and almost don't know what to do if their phone actually rings, but we communicate with a lot of people via text.

A few people would occasionally send me a cartoon picture of themselves with a  cute saying, but I never knew where it was from.  They would like something like this...

From my cousin:

From my mother-in-law:

From my brother-in-law:

From my sister-in-law:

From my other sister-in-law:

Well, yesterday I finally asked where these personalized emojis were coming from... apparently an app called Bitmoji... and now Hubby and I have our own little cartoons.

Its pretty pathetic, but last night I was practically willing people to text me so I could write back with a cartoon of myself.  Here are some of my favorites:

And... one final note:

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