Sunday, June 12, 2016


We love coming up to the Mountain Games ever year in June and it was fun to put this picture collage together to account our last few Junes at the Mountain Games:

The Colorado Grown Locally red onesie is the first outfit we bought for our new baby about ten days after we found out we were pregnant.  To this day, with all the vendors at the Vail Mountain Games, it is the only apparel we've ever purchased at the games.

Then, a year later, we got to dress our little four month old baby in the shirt and recreate the picture.

Then, a year later, with twins on the way, we put the red Grown Locally onesie with a License Plate Colorado Local onesie someone gave us as a shower gift when we were pregnant with Tracey in order to make our pregnancy twins announcement.

Now, to recreate that picture with Tracey Ann, Howard, and Caroline while we're up here for the mountain games was a lot of fun.  We even got all three kiddos smiling for the first time.


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