Saturday, June 18, 2016

Crime Doesn't Pay

From the very early stages of my relationship with Hubby, I thought he should work with middle schoolers.  He was teaching fourth grade at the time, and was an excellent fourth grade teacher, but the more I got to know him, the more I just knew he was a born to work with and relate to middle schoolers.

He is basically a big kid so his having a job that involves building relationships with middle school students in order to invest in their lives and inspire them to do their best in school and in life is perfect for him.  He's currently a middle school administrator and it has been so cool to watch him thrive in a job like this that I knew from the very beginning he was well suited.

These wonderful qualities about Hubby led us to a local park yesterday so that he could be tazed by the police department.  That's right... my wonderful husband saw a need... and volunteered to step in -- in this case, the need was someone to be tazed in front of the Middle Schoolers at Junior Police Academy... and my big-kid Hubby volunteered for the assignment.  The police officers were holding a Junior Police Academy for a select group of middle schoolers and on the last day, just before graduation, they got to see someone be tazed... and that someone was my Hubby.

Here is the footage of the actual tazing...

Here is the aftermath to show that he really was okay, and to hear some of what the police officers were explaining...

And here is the tazing footage in slow-motion, just for fun...

The lesson here, Kiddies, crime doesn't pay. 

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