Friday, June 3, 2016

Dancing With My Son

A few weeks ago we had an awesome family event.  We had a totally awesome dance party in the kitchen.

Hubby and I were fixing dinner and juggling babies, and I guess it started when Tracey was pretending to be a puppy which led me to start singing, "Who Let The Dogs Out," which was a pop hit when I was in middle school... and that led to probably an hour of Hubby and me playing songs on our phones from when we were young (do I have to call them oldies?) and awesome dancing.

To the best of my memory, we sang and danced to the following songs:
 "Who Let The Dogs Out" 
ChumbaWumba "I Get Knocked Down"
Spice Girls "Wanna Be"
MC Hammer "Can't Touch This"
Vanilla Ice "Ice Ice Baby"
"The Macarena"
and more

We jumped around and spun and sang loudly with words we weren't really sure of their accuracy, like we were in high school again.  And Tracey LOVED it.  She jumped around with us and spun and tried to sing.  Howard and Caroline were thoroughly entertained by the whole thing, I'm sure wondering if there was any way to trade in this crazy family they were born into.

As we danced around -- Hubby and I danced, Tracey and I danced, and Caroline and I danced, I also danced with Howard, and I was taken aback by how different it was to dance with my son.

Not just in the kitchen, but I love dancing with my daughters.  We spin and jump and pretned we are ballerinas, and I hope there are many many days ahead with exactly that kind of princess, ballerina, little girl dancing... but to dance with my son had such a weight of realism.

Howard is my first son... at present, my only son... and I while I will love spinning around with my daughters, I will dance with my son for the rest of his life.  Chances are a time will come when my little girls will not let me spin them around when we're dancing... they will outgrow dancing with their mom -- certainly outgrow dancing in Mama's arms.  But I will dance with my son, legitimately dance with my son, God Willing, for the rest of my life.

This smiling, adorable baby who giggles in my arms is the same boy who I will teach to dance, who I will make sure he practices dancing before he heads off to the prom, with whom I will dance at his wedding and the weddings of his sisters and cousins, with whom I will dance whenever possible for the rest of my life.

My son, whom I now hold in my arms as I lead our dance... at some point will hold me in his arms as he leads our dance.

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  1. This is beautiful and it spoke right to my heart. Thank you.


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