Saturday, June 25, 2016

Five Years

5 - Years
4 - Jobs
3 - Healthy, Happy Children
2 - Terrific Pets
1 - Home Purchased

...along with countless amounts of teamwork, romance, disagreements, adventures, travel, chaos, joy, hand-holding, cuddles, challenges, encouragement, loyalty, and support.

Happy Anniversary to my amazing Hubby whom I love more today than the day you married me.  Five years feels like the blink of an eye and yet, these have been the best years of my life because of you and the way you love and care for me and our family.  You have made my dreams come true and I thank God every day that you are my husband.  I love you and am so excited for all that lies ahead with you.


And Happy 5th Birthday to our wonderful Lloydey!


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