Thursday, October 1, 2015

Treasuring This Home

I can hardly believe that we will be closing on our first home in nearly one week.  That is mind-blowing for me.

While I am incredibly excited about our new home and to be a home-owner with my Hubby, I am trying to cherish our last few days in this wonderful little home.

Some things I am cherishing about this home, this first place where Hubby and I moved in together after we were married...
  • It is small and cozy enough that Tracey Ann is almost always within earshot... actually, on that note, so is Hubby
  • Our bedroom has two doors -- a door toward the family room, bathroom and nursery and a second door toward the basement, mudroom and backdoor -- it is very nice
  • The house is small enough, that I can tell very quickly if a light has been left on anywhere around the house
  • The house has a sun porch which is wonderful extra storage, and an added ice-box of sorts in the winter when I've done Holiday baking
  • The built-in dog door and dog gates (which also work for baby gates)
  • One bathroom makes things cozy... we probably had a much more close-knit for few years of marriage having to share a bathroom than we would have with additional amenities
  •  One floor between our bedrooms and our washer/dryer (the new house has two floors between the bedrooms and washer/dryer)
  • This home has SO much storage!  We have rarely had to thrown anything away because we have so much storage, which is possibly to our detriment now that we are moving, but the storage has been amazing.
  • A large, shared master closet -- not a walk in per se, but long and shared... contributing to a cozy start to marriage
  • The memories this house holds... in this home we were newlyweds, we had our first major arguments, our first times of making up, we brought home our first puppy, we hosted our first family Thanksgiving, we found out we were going to be parents, we brought our new baby home from the hospital, we watched our daughter take her first steps... all in this home

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