Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Preggers II -- Twins: 26 Weeks

How far along?  26 weeks

How I am feeling?  Pretty well, but very prone to heartburn... and, of course, physically tired each day.

How big are babies?  The size of heads of lettuce... between 1.5 to 2.5 pounds and 13.6 to 14.8 inches long

Sleep:  I sleep pretty well as long as I take heartburn tablets before bed... and as long as Tracey Ann and Hubby sleep through the nights

Boy/Girl, Boy/Boy, Girl/Girl Predictions: Maybe boy/girl?

Babies Nicknames:  Babies, or Twins
Weight Gain/Loss:  Let's just say, from here on out, there is weight gain... and we're done with this question

Best moment this week:  Taking time Saturday and Sunday to get outside with Hubby and Tracey Ann to a Halloween pumpkin patch and around fall foliage.  We dressed her in her little Honeybee outfit and chose pumpkins.  It was so much fun, but chasing her around is getting harder and harder.

Food cravings:  I'm not sure... I guess just food in general.

Missing:  The speed needed to keep up with Tracey Ann
Movements:  Yes, I love them

Labor Signs:  No, thankfully.
Comparison:  Here I am carrying Tracey Ann at 26 weeks
26 Weeks with the twins -- apparently we need more light in this room if we're going to keep taking pictures here...

General Attitude: Feeling very grateful for all our blessings, including these two little babies growing

 What I am looking forward to this week:  Just being home with Hubby... we still have our crazy schedules, but starting next week Hubby will be off hunting, at conferences, and then hunting again, so I am cherishing this last week of our being home together.

Milestones: I have officially had many strangers ask me "How much longer?" about my pregnancy... because it looks like I'm nearing the end... and, of course, I tell them, "Three months."

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