Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Adjusting Expectations

This past week has been an exercise in adjusting expectations.  I'm not sure why, but I really had the impression that the stressful part of moving was packing up and moving out... never did I even remotely think that the process of unpacking and settling in would be equally long and stressful.

I have moved many times before in my life and unpacking was always so much fun -- settling into a new place, hanging pictures, organizing my room -- it was awesome.

It turns out moving is much different with a husband, toddler, and when pregnant with twins.  First of all, we have so much more belongings as a family than I ever had a single woman, and we're moving into an entire house, as a family, instead of my just having a room with other roommates.

The truth is, it has never taken me more than about a week to settle into a new place -- even when Hubby and I were first married, I think it took me maybe two weeks for us to settle in and figure out how we would make a home together.

Now, specifically this week, I have had to adjust my expectations as to how long it will take us, as a family, to settle in to this wonderful, big home, as a family -- its going to take some time... certainly longer than a week.

My new goal, is to be settled in our home, and ready for the twins in our home, before the twins arrive -- and to remain healthy and active and able to remain up and on my feet until we are settled in our home and ready for the twins.

That goal might be met by the middle of November, or the middle of December... hopefully not much after that.

Our home is wonderful, and we will settle in, in time, I just have to work on adjusting my expectations of the time frame.

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