Thursday, October 29, 2015

Favorite Things

The longer I am in our new home, the more favorite things I have about it.  
Some of them are:
  • The view from our bedroom
  • The size of our bedroom... and the fact we have our own bathroom
  • Our front door -- especially with our pumpkins on the stoop
  • The view from our street as we drive down the hill to downtown
  • The fact our laundry room has a linoleum floor -- not a dirty, spidery, concrete floor (like our old place)
  • Tracey Ann's sweet little room with her big girl bed and a FULL closet to hang her little clothes
  • The twins' sweet little room... that still needs to be set up, but we at least know which room is theirs and their two little sets of outfits from friends are hanging in their closet
  • Our backyard shed
  • Our fireplace... which we haven't used yet, but we know it works and we're excited to use it when we can
  • Our HUGE bathtub in our master bath -- it is amazing!!

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