Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Preggers II -- Twins: 24 Weeks

Oh my goodness, I have not blogged in forever, which is TOTALLY not like me.  I missed a few days before we closed on our house... and then we moved and our internet was supposed to be on as of last Friday, but it didn't actually turn on until Monday, so there were a quiet few days there.  I will write all about our move soon, but I totally missed a pregnancy post for 23 weeks, and I will be 25 weeks on Thursday, so I don't want to delay my 24 week post any more lest it might not happen either.
How far along?  24 weeks

How I am feeling?  Well, exhausted because of our move, but very excited to be settling into our new home -- our FIRST home that Hubby and I have ever purchased.

How big are babies?  The size of cantaloupes (oh my!)... between 1- to 1.5 pounds and 10.5- to 11.5 inches long

Sleep:  Not as well yet in our new house.  I'm still getting the hang of this new place and we're definitely still settling in.

Boy/Girl, Boy/Boy, Girl/Girl Predictions: Oh, I have no idea... frankly this has been the last thing on my mind this week.  I'm just excited that I feel both babies moving at the end of our long days when I finally get off my feet.

Babies Nicknames:  Babies, or Twins
Weight Gain/Loss:  Probably gained weight... but I'm not sure where our scale is at the moment.

Best moment this week:  Spending Saturday night in our home.  We slept in our house Friday night too... but by Saturday night EVERYTHING had been moved out of our old house, and Hubby and I knew we were going to sleep in on Sunday and we poured sparkling fruit juice in Tiffany champagne glasses, and we cherished the fact that we now own our very own home.

Food cravings:  Diet coke, which is horrible, but I have been craving it (and drinking a few)

Missing:  Endurance... at the end of the two moving days I felt like my body was put together wrong, and each day that I'm unpacking, I can tell when my body is spent for the day and I have to stop.
Movements:  Yes, I love them

Labor Signs:  No, thankfully.
Comparison:  Here I am carrying Tracey Ann at 23 and 24 weeks, since I missed last week:
23 Weeks Tracey Ann

24 Weeks Tracey Ann

And here I am with the twins at 23 and 24 weeks:
23 weeks Twins

24 Weeks Twins -- at our new home!!

General Attitude:  So happy that our move is over... we still have to unpack and settle in, but we have officially moved -- that is such a relief!

 What I am looking forward to this week:  Well, settling in to our new home... but also we have another doctor's appointment this week to check and make sure the twins did well with our move

Milestones:  Well, my engagement and wedding rings fit last Thursday, and they did not fit by Sunday.  Also, my feet had grown several sizes by Sunday.  Both of these milestones, I expected in the course of this pregnancy, but I think the move definitely expedited both of these milestones and was physical evidence that the move took its toll on my body.

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  1. Congrats on the move! You are still looking beautiful with your lovely bump! xo


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