Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Those Weeks

This is one of those weeks.  Today is Tuesday, and I know this is one of THOSE weeks.

Frankly, this week will be amazing, without a doubt.  This week is the culmination of one of the biggest blessings of Hubby and my life, and our life together -- this is the week we will, Lord Willing, close on our first home and move in.

It is also a week when we still have both of our very busy jobs, plus my extra college job, Hubby and the middle school will host a huge football game, we have a wonderful toddler who is not quite to an age where she could understand "Sweetheart, we are packing, could you please entertain yourself for awhile, and please do not get into any trouble?"  Furthermore, it is another week of twin pregnancy, and a week where every spare minute is spent packing...

I have never moved during the school year, and now I understand why.  I also have never moved while pregnant, and I also, now, understand why.

If I were not pregnant, I would be up packing and loading boxes until midnight at least every night without regard for food or sleep -- I can sleep and eat at the new house.  The fact I am pregnant -- and with twins, means I cannot ignore rest, food, or general aches and pains of my body.  I cannot pack and load boxes for 8 hours every night.

The plan as of now is to close on the house on Friday and pack, load, and unload all small boxes and items on Friday.  Then, wake up Saturday morning and move all large items in order to have a completely previous home by the end of the day.  Then, Sunday, we have people coming to clean the previous home from top to bottom so that new renters can move in on Monday.

One week from now, we will be settled in the new home and I will be unpacking every evening, but without a rushed time frame to the unpacking project.

This is a hard week, but it is such a blessed week and I know God will provide all the strength, time management, endurance, and help we need.

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