Saturday, July 26, 2014

Worth Remembering

As Hubby and I worked to pack our bags and our car to head home to Colorado from Michigan, my dad played with Tracey Ann.

I forever want to remember the beautiful picture of my six month old daughter happily cooing as my 81-year-old father played with her on the ground.

She lay on his chest, he helped her roll over, he helped her reach for toys, he supported her sitting up, he made up fun songs, and she chattered back at him.

Eventually I heard less and less chatter from the area where they were playing.  I eventually walked over to check on them, and my baby girl was sound asleep, and her Papa was singing quietly holding her little foot -- just like, when I was a little girl, he would hold my foot while I fell asleep.

I am such a blessed mother... and daughter.

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