Friday, July 11, 2014

Our Little Cardinal

We are raising a little cardinal fan -- my husband is making sure of that.

Tracey Ann has now attended two Cardinals games -- one with a bunch of family at "Cardinal Nation", and one in Busch Stadium, in Grandpa's season ticket seats, with her mama, daddy, and grandpa.

Grandma Miller wanted to make sure she and Tracey Ann had matching outfits... although Grandma didn't wear a matching hairbow.

The whole crew that had dinner together at Cardinal Nation -- it was a lot of fun.  In the picture are the three of us, Chris's parents, both siblings and their spouses, our brother-in-law's parents, several aunts, and several cousins.

Cardinal Nation is a new huge bar/restaurant facility right outside of Busch Stadium, where you can see the stadium, the fans, even some plays from the restaurant meanwhile you can watch the game on huge television screens (one is 40 feet tall).  Most of our family had not been to Cardinal Nation yet, but have wanted to... so we had a BIG group.

Tracey Ann is learning how to take "selfies" -- she LOVES the cell phone.

It was fun, and the food was good -- and it just so happened that the game we saw was full of downpours and rain delays... and we were warm and dry inside the restaurant.  Praise God!

Aunts and Cousins loving on Tracey Ann

Next, our little Cardinal attended a game IN Busch stadium, dressed to the nines seated in her grandpa's season seats.  The Cardinals lost that game, but we still had a great time, and she did so well during the game.

Grandpa teaching Tracey Ann all about the game

Grandma Miller has awesome seats!

Grandpa Miller, Daddy, and Tracey Ann

Tracey Ann slept for some of the game

Isn't she just the CUTEST little fan you've ever seen?!?!

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