Monday, July 14, 2014

First Horsey Ride

Tracey Ann had her first horsey ride out at her Great Grandparents' property last week.  Her Great Aunt Sharon owns a horse and a pony, and Tracey Ann got to ride both.

I have to confess, this milestone meant much more to me than it did to Chris or Tracey Ann.  Tracey Ann is named for my older sister, Tracey, who was an animal NUT, and this included horses.  My sister, Tracey even owned a horse when she as in high school (before my time) -- which is a great Sanden story for another time.

It meant so much to me that Tracey Ann's first horsey ride was when she was just five months old, surrounded by family, on family property, with her Mama and Daddy.  I think that's how horse rides should be.  Tracey Ann has horses on both sides -- if her first ride hadn't been with Aunt Sharon, it would have been with Aunt/Cousin Elizabeth, but we made it to Aunt Sharon's property first.

Anyway... here are the pictures:

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