Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Treasuring the Present: Trust

I haven't done a Treasuring the Present in awhile, but I hope to begin again, because I think its important and it helps me examine the blessings in my life on a regular basis.

Today, I want to specifically treasure the trust that Hubby and I have in our marriage.  Hubby has been working on graduate school recently, and I KNOW he has been working on graduate school recently.  I do not have to wonder if he is telling me the truth, or if he will be where he says he is going to be.

He and I are incredibly honest with each other -- we know where each other are strong, and areas where we both struggle.  We are not dishonest with each other, and for this I am incredibly grateful, humbled,  and blessed.

I know that marriage is a two-way street; it is BOTH people giving 100% every day; it is a choice every day; it is faith, commitment, and love; it is two people striving to love one another as Jesus teaches.

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