Wednesday, July 9, 2014

New Cousin On The Way

Tracey Ann, Hubby, and I attended Cousin Zivah's first birthday party a few days ago.  Zivah is Hubby and my first niece, and we were at the hospital when she was born.  She and Tracey Ann are seven months a part and she is a very special little girl.

Not only is Zivah a special little girl, but she is getting a new sibling in December, and Zivah's parents used this first birthday party as the gender reveal for the new baby.  Zivah had a "smash cake" which revealed the gender of the new baby.

Since Zivah is half Mexican and both her parents are biligual, the theme for her party was UNO!  It was really cute.  Normally I would have taken more pictures, but I was pretty busy with my own little one... so here are the pictures I did take:

Hubby, Aunt Sharon, and Tracey Ann

 Tracey Ann with Zivah's other grandmother, Abuela

Zivah just found out she is getting...


"REALLY, A Little Sister?!?!?!"

"Can we call her Zivah Junior?"

Tracey Ann and Great Grandma Holifield

We're so happy to be getting a new little niece.

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