Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Feel Beautiful

There is a thread circulating through facebook of "post five pictures that make you feel beautiful."

I started by compiling about a dozen pictures from over the years where I felt most beautiful... then I created a few collages and spend some time (probably way too much time) actually choosing which collage, and the pictures therein, made me feel the most beautiful.

It was an interesting project for me... I was able to pinpoint the several years when I felt the most beautiful, and then try to determine why that was, and what I could do to try to regain those feelings.

There are people who make me feel beautiful -- my wonderful husband, for one... but I hope to begin implementing some steps in my life to get back to a place where I, myself, feel more beautiful on a regular basis.

Here was the winning collage:

And here was the collection of pictures that made me feel beautiful.

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