Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wedding Slideshow

Things are a little crazy here at home. Most days I feel like the Tasmanian Devil whirling around... but lots of tasks are getting done, and my parents and I are having very productive days.

I spent some time this evening scanning some old photos (mostly from college) into my computer so they could be apart of our wedding slide show.


A few pictures from college
St. Marcos Square, Venice with Sorority Sisters

In Norway

My college roommate and me. She is singing in my wedding.
I love this picture because it was the night before my Senior Harp Recital... everyone in the front row with me in this picture is in my wedding party (bridesmaid, me, maid-of-honor, usher), and the three in the back were all invited to the wedding. Two are able to attend. What a great picture of special people in my life.

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  1. So many familiar faces. Thanks for helping me remember good ol' college days too. LOVE IT!


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