Sunday, June 5, 2011

Vail TEVA Mud Run 2011

Saturday, Chris and Maggie and I spent a BEAUTIFUL day in Vail at the TEVA Mountain Games -- as both spectators and athletes...

We watched dog jumping contests (can you see the black lab in the picture?)

We tried out camping hammocks... they were pretty comfortable

Ready for the 5K (although I think it was a little shorter) MUD RUN

We competed in the Super Galactic All-Star Division!

You know the mud is intense when even the roommate taking pictures (and not running) gets covered in mud...

In this picture, Chris is the one standing in the white tee-shirt, and I am in the mud, trying to drag him down with me (you can just see my head)

Maggie takes a roll!

And here we are - FINISHED!

Still Galactic All-Stars!

My new favorite roommate picture...

I thought it was really funny that Jon and Chelsea were in white and khaki... it was so tempting to just give them each a HUGE hug (but we didn't... we like them too much!)

And washing off in a fountain after all the mud fun...

Cool free shirts

We watched CRAZY kayaking tricks

He's in the middle of a flip or something in this picture

The checkered part is the bottom on the kayak, and the guy is totally in control of the boat doing this on purpose... CRAZY!

How was your weekend? We are now off to Michigan...

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  1. how fun!! we just did our first mud run a few weeks ago and it was SOOOO much fun. It was on a army base so I think they already had a bunch of the obstacles already there.

  2. Okay hold up, in the new favorite roomate pic, is that Matt Meagher above Jenny's head? haha!


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