Thursday, June 2, 2011

Spring, Colorado Pictures

Chris and I were very fortunate to have engagement pictures taken by the people who will do our wedding photography, when we were back in Michigan in December. As a result, we have some BEAUTIFUL engagement pictures... in snow and ice and Michigan.

I wanted to also have some pictures of us in the Spring in Colorado. Colorado is where we met, where we live, and where we're likely to stay... and Spring is such a beautiful season to take pictures. So, over the past few days, Chris and I have been exploring grassy meadows, climbing trees, crossing creeks (there is a story here that involves Chris taking an unexpected bath), and meeting with a friend of mine who is an AMAZING artist and blossoming photographer for some Colorado Spring pictures.

Here are some of my favorites:

She even got a few of Lexie

All photos by Rachael Harvey

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  1. Very beautiful!! Your day is quickly approaching!

  2. Beautiful pictures! I'm praying for you as your big day approaches!!


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