Wednesday, June 8, 2011


As Chris and my wedding day quickly approaches, I find myself trying to catch my breath and wondering "Where is the syllabus?"

In a period of one ceremony, I will go from never having been married, never having been a wife, never having been linked to a partner by law and under God to suddenly being the opposite of all of those things: I will be married, a wife, linked to a partner by law and under God. With such a sudden and drastic change, I keep looking for a syllabus.

Throughout my life's accomplishments, there was a learning process involved. When I earned various educational degrees (high school, bachelors, and two masters), I wasn't handed the diploma and THEN taught the skill. I enrolled in school, attended class after class after class to learn the required skills, and finally, after much hard work and learning, I walked across a stage and received a diploma to demonstrate I had learned and mastered everything required for such an honor.

In marriage, I will get the marriage certificate BEFORE I even begin learning the lessons of marriage, and it is kind of throwing me for a loop.

In education, courses provide students with syllabi, so the students will know what lessons are coming up in what sort of time frame. Where is the syllabus for marriage?

I love Chris more than anything, and I am thrilled about becoming his wife, but I want to see a syllabus. I know I have SOOOO much to learn in becoming a wife who best serves him, supports him, loves him and I want to see a timeline of my wife lessons.

I want to be able to look ahead and predict a stressful week, so I can have extra frozen casseroles in the freezer for those more difficult weeks (just like I would do in academia).

I have to keep reminding myself, life doesn't have a syllabus, and neither does marriage. Thankfully, God gives us everything we need in His Word to us.

No marriage syllabus but see The Bible for all Instructions and Marriage Lessons. Praise God, I am not walking this new journey alone but with Jesus.

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  1. You got it...just keep God at the center of your marriage.
    So happy for you!


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