Thursday, January 27, 2011

Father of the Bride

Tonight, after two straight nights of Guest List planning, debating and compromising, my parents and I watched -- well, felt that we earned -- Father Of The Bride.
This was exactly what we needed after the marathon planning we have been doing.We all have seen this movie a number of times but we love it -- and tonight, we LOVED IT! We were laughing harder than we have in years about this movie, and were tearing up throughout it as well -- because it was all SO familiar. :-D
We love when they meet the wedding planner and the dad cannot understand anything he says with his thick accent. "How was this guy going to coordinate our wedding? With subtitles?"
My parents are wonderful, and unbelievably generous and realize that this is the last wedding they are planning (third child, third wedding) -- and my only wedding -- and they are happy to do it. It felt wonderful to end our guest list process listening to each other laugh at this old, favorite movie.
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