Sunday, January 23, 2011

Beautiful Birthday Dinner

I haven't had a chance until now to post about my AWESOME birthday dinner down in Denver with Chris.

We ate a restaurant that used to be a bank called The Broker... first bank west of the Mississippi.
The restaurant is so unique -- you walk in at the old teller-level and walk down to the old vault. Here Chris and I are next to the vault door.The bar is made in front of the old rod-iron separation outside the vault... complete with the old Wall Street Ticker (on the left side of the bar just above the circular lamp).
A view from the inside of the vault looking out at the barOur dinner was AMAZING and my meal was complimentary because it was my birthday! This is a picture of our main course, but it was a four-course dinner. All entrees come with shrimp cocktail appetizer, soup or salad, main course, and dessert. (That's really the time you want to go -- when one of these very delicious, four-course meals is on the house.)I did not come close to finishing this meal... but OHHHHH it was good!What a great way to celebrate the start of my 28th year (my 27th birthday)!
This is the top floor of the restaurant -- the old bank.

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