Wednesday, January 19, 2011

As of Late: January


Fellow blogger, Christy from CrittyJoy is hosting a monthly "As of Late" group, which asks "As of Late, what have you been up to?" I am excited to answer this because I've felt a little too busy to manage coherent posts at the moment... so this random, snippet-ty, kind of post is right up my ally right now. :-D

Lately, I've been a month into wedding planning bliss! Chris proposed just over a month ago and we are just over five months to our wedding.

Lately, I'm collecting wedding planning ideas. The below picture is really poor quality (taken from my cell phone on shiny paper) but I really liked the bouquets in this shot... Please share any resources you have found/used/seen used and would like to pass along.
Lately, I've been living in a big engaged love bubble! Feel free to groan, but I am SO over-the-top happy and excited about being Chris' Bride-to-Be! I used to hear ministers and older married couples talk about that blissful, love bubble when a couple gets married when they never think anything will ever go wrong (and then life happens and the bubble is no-more) -- but I never believed that bubble would exist. I was a realist - I was never going to be so blinded as to think nothing will ever go wrong -- BUT I AM TOTALLY IN THAT BLINDED LOVE BUBBLE!!!
Lately, I've been on a Bride-to-Be diet and exercise routine! I'm full-speed-ahead for ChaLEAN Extreme muscle building from Beachbody. If you are looking for a new exercise routine, I would recommend exploring the options available from Beachbody.

Lately, I've become a coach with Beachbody... so if you are interested in more information about these programs, please ask and I'd be more than happy to discuss which one of these routines might work for you.

Lately, I've been struggling to read my Bible every day. I have been diligent about time for exercising but have lacked diligence about my spiritual health. Please keep this in prayer and I hope to post a better "lately" on this subject next month.

Lately, Chris and I were the big winners at a Bridal Festival in Colorado Springs and we had SO much fun! We won several gift certificates for jewelry, several gift certificates for DJ services (which we couldn't use, so we gave to other couples there), a tea kettle from Bed Bath and Beyond, a $50.00 Carrabbas gift card and a basket of shirts - one says "Bride 2011" and four say "Bridesmaid". Enjoy the pictures:

The Bride-to-Be mirror with my new name at the top
The sticker I got to wear all dayThe sticker Chris wore all day. :-DPracticing my soon-to-be signature!For more As of Late, visit Christy.

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  1. Awww!! Such a sweet, sweet post! I think anyone newly engaged...heck engaged...gets to live in that bubble for as long as they can! And whoohoo for big wins at the bridal fair...sounds like you got some great things....which I am sure made you even more excited ;)

    Thanks for joining the fun Brooke!

  2. Have a blast planning -- enjoy every moment and I hope your love bubble stays around for a long time.

  3. Congratulations, I too, would be all about the wedding planning if I was in your shoes! Those bouquets look lovely.

  4. oh i remember that "engaged" feeling. I had so much fun planning my wedding that it only took me 3 months to plan it all and i had 10 months to plan it! ;0) Have fun! I remember just googling and researching a lot of stuff online to find my favorite stuff!
    How awesome that you won all that free stuff! I remember winning an award at a bridal show once during our engagement and it paid for my mom's dress for the wedding! ;0)

  5. Congratulations! What an exciting season!!

    We went to a bridal fair when we were engaged and we actually WON our honeymoon trip to St. Lucia there. We were stunned!

    Best wishes on your planning, and thanks for your visit today!


  6. Soooo fun! Enjoy this time. It is so very precious! And I love the bouquets

  7. Congratulations on your engagement! :) I absolutely loved my time of planning the wedding while sticking to a small budget. We had corsages for my girls & a simple rose boquet for me, so I'm probably not much use with resources on flowers! I hope you have a blast planning tho!



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