Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas 2010: Sanden Family

Chris and I had an awesome, albeit, whirl-wind trip to Michigan to celebrate Christmas with my family and begin ... ... WEDDING PLANS!

Here we are after church on the day after Christmas. This is our new family!
Chris and I headed next door to see the newest member of their family - Baby Reagan.
Here is Reagan and her Daddy.Here's Reagan's mom, big brother and grandpa
We borrowed these cute kids for a picture...
foreshadowing perhaps? (LOL - just kidding, we'll see what the Lord brings)
We told my extended "family" (not blood related, but have been family my whole life) that we were engaged by giving my Aunt and Grandma a framed picture of Chris and me on the mountain in our ski gear with the ring (the close up shot from this post). They immediately understood what we were saying!
Everyone crowded around to see my ring!
A toast to celebrate our engagement -- in the same glasses my sister and her husband used at their wedding in 1988.
My beautiful "second-cousins"
This little gal really liked Lexie... but Lexie wasn't too sure about her. In this picture she's trying to coax Lexie out from behind the tree.
The whole extended family - Grandma, Aunt, Uncle, and cousins! In cannot emphasize how close this family is to my parents and me -- I am going to have this Grandma seated during the "Seating of the Grandmothers" at our wedding.
Some Christmas presents for the younger ones.
Megan loved her necklace, the proceeds of which went to help fund an overseas adoption.
Mom is saying "Thank you" for a beautiful ornament.
What a beautiful girl!
Chris will be a blessed addition to our family!
Cat ornament and baseball ornament from Mom!
We were up SOOO late finishing presents -- practice for when we have kiddos!

Christmas Morning

Oven stone for Mom!
Emergency battery charger for my car! Thanks Chris!

Ice houses on Muskegon Lake

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  1. Loved the pictures! Can't wait to have you home again in Feb:) Love, Momma


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