Friday, January 7, 2011

Engagement: The Ring

I have to ask... am I the only girl who suddenly caught myself looking at my hands, oh, I don't know... 500 times a day once there was a beautiful, sparkling ring on it?

In my case, I not only do I look at my hand 500 times a day, but I also take pictures of my hand with its new, sparkling, symbol of Chris' and my commitment.

The following pictures were taking on our Christmas travels:

I'm just giddy with excitement and love every time I see it sparkling at me. I love knowing that I wear a symbol on my hand that I am Chris' intended, betrothed, bride-to-be.

Am I the only one out there completely joyful and giddy and photo-crazy about my ring, or have other brides-to-be experienced similar reactions?
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  1. I was always paranoid that it would fall off my hand or something crazy, so I was the same way. My mother in law, every time she sees me, just picks up my hand and stares at it! Cherish this time of joy! It will pass far too quickly.

  2. Congrats girl!!!! I totally missed that ya'll had gotten engaged! So excited for you. Yes, I still look at my hand several times a day, but it's mostly to check and make sure the diamond hasn't fallen out or something! :) LOL.

  3. 4 1/2 years later and I am still, finding myself admiring my solitaire! I love my ring and the sign of our commitment! Your ring is so gorgeous !!


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