Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas 2010: Miller Family

Chris and I spent time over break with the Miller family -- my new family!
Chris and his sister. Becky was on-call for most of our trip, so we went to see her at the hospital a few times.
Missouri mailbox
We had lunch with my former professor and his family. This is his little girl waving good-bye to us.
Chris and I attended a Christmas party thrown by some of his high school friends. Many people played garage band...
Chris was quite the rock star.
Nick, Becky and Chris -- the Miller siblings
We liked this Christmas tree at Rural King.
Cannoli Kit = Family Fun!
Miller Christmas tree
Santa found us in Missouri
We gave Mrs. Miller (my Mom-to-be) a Dyson vacuum cleaner, but I wanted to disguise the box -- so I added corners and edges to it to try to fool her. In this picture, she doesn't look too sure about this triangular box.
Chris, Becky, Jazz (the dog) and me - post present time
Jazz and Daniel (Becky's husband) looking cute.
We went for a snowy run on Christmas Eve morning. Isn't Chris just the handsomest!!! I think so!
The manger is ready for the Baby Jesus!
Chris and his brother on Christmas morning!
Then we left for Michigan...

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