Monday, January 10, 2011

Engagement: The Permission

I started to post about Chris' marriage proposal and it was going to be REALLY long. It probably still will be really long, but I will start with how he asked permission, because it really sets the stage for the proposal 3 weeks (to the day) later.

To begin, Chris and I had discussed our getting married next summer (summer 2011)-- we were both completely in love with each other, we think we bring out the best in each other, we believe God has a plan for us as a couple, and we were both getting excited about spending the rest of our lives together; HOWEVER, Chris had me COMPLETELY convinced not only that he could not in any way, shape, or form afford to buy a ring before January or February, but also that he was not going to ask my parents' permission to marry me until we were in Michigan for Christmas.

Little did I know, Chris had spoken with my parents over Thanksgiving to ask their permission to marry me. I had gone into his room on Saturday morning (the morning of the Michigan v. Ohio State game) to awaken him and drag him to the gym. We had gone to the gym just about every morning of our Thanksgiving vacation, but this morning he told me he had tossed and turned and hardly slept all night and so he could really use a little more sleep and I should go to the gym without him. I told him, I didn't have to go to the gym and I would stay and get him anything he needed.

Well, I wouldn't find out for three more weeks that Chris wanted me to go to the gym without him as it was the only time he could get both of my parents alone to talk to them -- so the story about tossing and turning all night wasn't really a lie, because he really did toss and turn all night knowing that the next morning he was going to ask my mother and father for my hand in marriage. So, he had to get me to that gym... he told me that I should really go on to the gym without him. I got a little suspicious at his insistence that I go workout and started to wonder if he thought I was too large and needed to drop some weight (oh, a woman's insecurity...). When I asked him why he wanted me to go, he said, "Well... Babe... you're in a much better mood when you've been to the gym."

I took those words to heart like you would not believe. Which is pretty funny given that he just wanted to get me out of the house. For the first three weeks of December, when I did not feel like exercising, I would remind myself that Chris really sees a difference in my attitude when I work out, and I want to be my best self for Chris and so I'm going to the gym.

All of what follows, I have heard after-the-fact from Mom, Dad and Chris. Once he got me out the door to the gym, and gave a few extra minutes in case I forgot something and needed to come back, he went out into the hall of the condo and ran into my mom. He said that he knew it was a busy morning with company coming, but could he have a few minutes of Dr. Sanden's and her time. My mom later told me that those words were all she needed to hear! She knew what was coming and she was excited!

Mom hustled Dad into the family room, where they sat at the family room table - Chris at the head with Mom and Dad, all ears) on either side. Chris briefly explain that I had no idea that he was meeting with them now, and how he had misled me to think that he cannot afford a ring for quite some time. He said, in truth, money is really tight, because he had ordered a ring to be delivered in the next week or so. Chris described how well our relationship had been going, how much he cared about me, and explained he would like their permission to ask me to marry him. Evidently, my dad's grin was larger than my mom has ever seen it as he answered how happy it would make them for him to do so.

After a little more excited chat, my dad commented on how excited he was for me to come up from the gym. Apparently Mom and Chris exchanged a glance and both realized that, in the excitement, my dad had completely forgotten that this was a secret meeting and he was all ready to greet me at the door with a huge hug and smile telling me how happy he was for me. Chris tactfully reminded him that I had no idea that this was happening and he planned to surprise me with a proposal in a couple of weeks -- PLEASE DON'T SAY ANYTHING.

That all lays the groundwork for the rest of the story...

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  1. It is so much fun hearing all about this, and knowing that I'm sharing (long-distance) such an exciting, wonderful period of life with you! Please keep blogging about your engagement and your up-coming wedding! :)

    Congratulations again, and I am so happy for you and Chris!


  2. So CUTE! It is so fun to come here and read this beautiful story Brooke! I love how God has brought you and your Chris together!


  3. Thats HILARIOUS! Oh Dr. Sanden!


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