Friday, October 1, 2010

Baseball Trip: July 21-23

I took so many pictures with my brother, sister-in-law and nephews in Seattle that I had to decrease the number of days I was covering with this batch of pictures.

July 21: Yosemite National Park (quickly), Oakland A's game, San Francisco Bay and Ghirardelli Square

... So this was the morning after our FOURTH night in the car. It was also the morning I fell down a hill trying to "use the facilities". It was also the morning that, unbeknown to us, both Chris and I got poison ivy - his appeared within 48 hours, mine appeared 7 days later. We are a little worse for ware in this pictureThis is about as much of Yosemite as we saw... had to get to the baseball game!
Oakland Stadium is the only Stadium where baseball (the A's) still share the space with football (the Raiders). A new baseball stadium will open either next summer or summer 2012, so soon this will just be the Raiders field.
Dollar Dog Day! Great day for a baseball game!

Ghirardelli Ice Cream and Chocolate Shop in San Francisco
My "Gold Rush" sundae! So good!

You've heard of the hills in San Francisco... they are no myth! They're like 60*
Lombard Street - said to be the crookedest street in the world... eight switchbacks in one block! We drove it several times.
Foggy San Francisco Bay... neither of us left our heart... and neither of us wore flowers in our hair (on this trip).

So true... Life is good on Route 66! I speak from experience!
July 22 - Route 101 North
The Drive-Thru Tree!
On our way through a California Redwood!
In the middle of the tree!
California Elk... did you know California has elk?
Well, they do!
Highway 101 goes RIGHT along the Pacific Ocean
We stopped to dip our toes. At this point, we had dipped our toes in the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean within 2 weeks of each other.
He's really handsome.
I love this picture!
Can you guess what Chris is doing here?
Sea lion!
This is our candle-lit dinner... before another night in the car. We are living the high life! :-D
July 23: First night at the Seattle Sanden's place! Trent with Jake and Maria with Ryan
Jake says "Come on in, guys! Stay a couple of days!"

Pictures of our time in Seattle are forthcoming... again, too many to be included in this post.

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  1. I hope you guys started sleeping in some beds in Seattle! The photos of the 2 of you are pretty adorable!


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