Friday, October 22, 2010

Broken Tools

Have you ever had to do a job with broken tools?

I haven't ever had to hammer a nail into the wall using a broken hammer... but today, well, this week, I felt as though I was working, working, working toward a goal... with broken tools.I cannot get into specifics and moreover, I do not want to get into specifics... but have you ever tried to sew a seam with a broken sewing machine?It is your job to sew. You spend hour after hour sewing because its your job. You try to work hard and take pride in your work... and then you look at your work and realize you have been using a broken sewing machine. Not only have you been using a broken sewing machine, but it is all you have to use... and you still have work to do.It is your job to keep working and your job includes using a broken sewing machine - because that is all you have. I would imagine this is a frustrating feeling.
I hope and pray for a relaxing weekend... I need it.
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