Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Baseball Trip: July 26-31

End of the line for our baseball trip... I actually think its kind of fitting that I've gotten around to posting this pictures at this time of year -- BASEBALL PLAYOFFS!!!!

July 26 - Driving through Idaho to Missoula, MT to buy cell phones (no sales tax in Montana!!!) - and staying longer than expected
Wide Montana skies!
July 27 - Across Montana and North Dakota
Great sunset behind us

Night-time driving
Notice our gas gauge... we made it to a gas station - on fumes! Range 0 miles... E
July 28 - Minneapolis, Tour of Target Field, Mall of America
Evidently the artist who drew this when the TWINS franchise began, thought that it might be used on dixie cups or something -- he never imagined it would become the center field well-known symbol of the team. He said he wouldn't have made a silly cartoon if he had any idea of how much the image would be used... there's a lesson here. Always do your best!

This is a wind/decorative screen that is designed to look like shimmering water when the wind blows.
In the press box
Calling in the pinch-hitter!
In front of the golden-glove... I think this was a big deal, but I don't remember why.
Welcome to Mall of America!!!
There are hundreds of shops in wings around the center of the mall... there is an amusement park in the center of the mall!
I convinced Chris to pop his head in the American Girl store... I was shocked to learn that Samantha and Kirsten have been retired... I guess I have two collector's items.

What a great trip! Our last day was spent on the road and then meeting my parents in Chicago... the whole trip had to be cut a little shorter than expected because Chris had to be back in Colorado ready to start a new job on August 2.

I meant to get a last picture of us by the car as we said good bye to our awesome road trip adventure... but of course I forgot and our last documentation of the trip is from the Mall of America.

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