Thursday, October 7, 2010

22nd Anniversary

October 8, 1988 was the day my sister got married. She married a man named Dan and thus began, what I think of as 10 of the most joyful years of my family.

Tracey and Dan were engaged Christmas 1987... I was young. All of my memories of my family include my sister's husband.
This is the family I best remember from my formative years - ages 4-14 years: Trent (brother), Daddy, Mom, Tracey, and Dan
This picture was a "flower girl gift" from Tracey and Dan to me for being in their wedding. It has been in my room ever since.
Tracey is in the background and I'm in the foreground... I don't have many pictures of us from her wedding day.
During the 10 years of Tracey and Dan's marriage, there were six of us: Mom, Dad, Tracey, Dan, Trent and me... we took some amazing trips and had some wonderful times.Okay, so I seriously re-oriented this picture multiple times and saved it right-side-up... and it keeps posting to the blog up-side-down. So, you can flip your computer up-side-down or you can stand on your head. Any ideas from those more computer-savvy than I am, please share suggestions and help!!!This picture is on its side... I'm sorry. It was one of my families best memories -- attending the 1989 Orange Bowl in Florida where University of Colorado played Notre Dame... we've always been a college football family. As far as I know, it is the only bowl game most of us ever attended.Many of these pictures can be categorized - pre-cancer and with-cancer. So far all of the pictures have been pre-cancer.This picture is with-cancer. This picture was taken Thanksgiving 1997. Dan had been battling cancer for nearly a year and he died May 28 of the following year. Tracey died of cancer four years later.While I remain frustrated and saddened that this marriage and both of these lives ended so early, I am trying to focus my heart toward gratitude that this marriage happened. No matter how short-circuited, these were joyful years for my family. I am so grateful that this marriage happened and that I have as many memories as I have with Tracey and Dan.

Happy Anniversary, Dan and Trace! I miss you both. Our family is not the same without you.
.. but we're living on in your memory.

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  1. it is fun and sad to go back memory lane... I hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. How very sweet...and poignant. Thanks for making me appreciate those special marriages around me. Hope your weekend is blessed!

  3. My heart is breaking for your loss, but rejoicing at the time you did have to spend with this couple. How blessed you were to see in your youth a reflection of how marriage and family should be.

  4. Oh Sweetie,
    Thanks for posting your thoughts - we too have been thinking of Trace and Dan today. Your pictures were great and your comments brought tears to our eyes. Love, Momma and Daddy

  5. Beautiful photos and a very sweet tribute, Brooke. It looks like you all really lived life together! Thanks for encouraging me to cherish life and family even more.


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