Monday, October 4, 2010

Baseball Trip: July 24-25

Chris and I had a great time during our weekend in Seattle - and with two boys ages 4 and 1.5, we took SO many pictures!

I'm glad Emily commented on the fact Chris and I slept so many nights in the car... when I talked to my brother on the phone a day or two before we arrived in Seattle, I told him we had just spent our 4th consecutive night in the car, and he said, "Well, Brooke, you're in luck! We have a spare car up here, so you and Chris can each have your own car to sleep in!" Oh, brothers...

July 24 - Hike with Trent, Jake and Ryan; Cook-out at Trent's house
Chris found a snake next to the path and the boys thought it was awesome! Trent is my brother in the blue hat, Ryan is the 1.5-year-old blondie in Trent's arms, and Jake is the four-year-old in the red hat... and Chris is the snake charmer.
We walked to a place where water drips onto drums - and when the water stops, you can clap or tap your feet to get the water to start again. Jake and Ryan loved clapping and dancing for the drums!
Aunt Brookie and her two adorable nephews, Jake and Ryan!
The Sanden crew! Trent, Jake, Ryan and me!
Jake in the water looking for rocks to throw
Ryan is really enjoying that, even it if looks like he's crying - he's laughing!
This is the little Radio Flier my mom and dad bought for Ryan for Christmas. He looked so cute on it!
Jake and Aunt Brooke!
Trent at the grill. Trent makes AMAZING food on the grill!
Chris and the boys. Hanging out after lots of games and water fights.
Ryan with his first ear of corn-on-the-cob
Maria and Ryan
Chris and me at Pike Street Market... awesome times with the Flying Fish!Children's statue at Safeco Park!
Jake is wearing the W&L Smart Cookie shirt I bought him a few years ago. This is kid is Washington and Lee bound!
The food at Safeco Field was AWESOME - and the signs were hilarious! "Roast Roast Roast for the Home Team..."
Ichiroll... not to be confused with the Mariner's player Ichiro Suzuki
The GROUNDS crew!
Intentional WOK - I think these are hilarious!
Double Play Desserts
A little baseball trivia!
Rolling Roof Refreshments - the Safeco Field roof rolls on and off
Chris caught it!!!
Then I caught it!
AWESOME food! Fruit-kabobs!
Great time at the game! Trent, Jake, me, Chris! Go Mariners!
Jake ran the bases after the game. He did awesome!Chris beneath the Space Needle
And a view from the top!
Chris brought some fireworks out to set off in front of the boys... they loved it! Jake, Trent, Maria and Ryan.Jake, Maria, Ryan, Trent!
Chris, Jake, me, Ryan and Maria at Snoqualmie Falls!
We had been to three corners of the county (Maine, San Diego, Seattle) by this time... what an awesome trip!

Last leg of the trip to come...

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  1. I can't believe you two accomplished all that! It's amazing!

    PS. Go Generals


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