Monday, October 18, 2010

Denver Half Marathon 2010

The Denver Half-Marathon this past weekend was a lot of fun! Honestly, it was my most enjoyable running race I've ever done.

So... brief story - we missed the start of the race. Always double-check the start-time. Actually, don't double-check, just ask someone at the race-expo (which we did not) what time the race starts. You will have a better chance of getting there on time and actually starting the race.
My roommate (Maggie), her sister (Andi) and I all ran in the race... what fun! This picture was taken pre-race when we were perfectly oblivious to the fact that we've missed the start of the race.
When we finally asked a volunteer where the starting line would be, he showed us and said, "The front-runners of the half will be finishing any minute." EXCUSE ME!?!?!?!?!? We coped as best we could and jumped in at mile 4... this trip was as psychologically and problem-solving taxing as it was physically taxing...

It was a beautiful day. My new thing is to run listening to books on tape (or ipod) rather than running with music. I LOVE IT. I get lost in the story while I get lost in my run... and I only get to listen to that book when I exercise so its added motivation to exercise that day.Another was I passed time on the race was to pray for people/groups during each mile. It wasn't 9 minutes of constant prayer by any means, but when I started to focus on tiredness or sore muscles... I would remember to look at my arm and send up prayers for the person for that mile.My prayer list was pre-race - Chris and his hunting weekend, 1. Daddy, 2. Work Colleagues, 3. Kelley, 4. Large Family, 5. Momma, 6. Caspers, 7. Maggie, 8. Vision Kids, 9. Chris, 10. TVS (my brother) & Family, 11. Nick and Obinna, 12. Miller Family, 13. Meghan Freeman, post-race - Race volunteers
Throughout the day, I would glance down at my arm and have to do a double take -- it looked like someone else's arm. Maggie recommended I not get my fore-arm tattooed... I agree.Lexie was interested in blog posts tonight...She also helped me bake cookies...How was your weekend?
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  1. Large family? As in my Large family? I feel so honored! I'm glad you're praying for us b/c we also need it. Thank you!

    Such a cool race. Congratulations on finishing it!

  2. I love Lexie but tell me you washed that bowl before making cookies:) Love, Momma

  3. How cool! So awesome that you finished....

    and that last photo just made my night. So! Cute!


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