Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Baseball Trip: July 16-20

Many great pictures for July 16-20:
July 16 - San Diego, Padres game with Meghan Freeman (and Remy in her belly)!!!
These jalapeno hot-dogs are wrapped in bacon...
He's excited...
Great sandbox for the kids... just beware of those home run outta-here balls.
Meghan is one of my best friends - I was maid-of-honor (and only bridal attendant) in her wedding. She is married to Tyler, who is a Marine serving in Afghanistan. He was home for Christmas leave and won't be back until November... in this picture, Meghan is pregnant with their first baby - a girl, Remington Lee (born September 6). Please keep prayers going for Meghan in her adventures of motherhood and Tyler as he continues to serve over seas while his wife and new daughter are back home.
So great to see her!
July 17: Southern California vineyards, Hollywood fun and Farrell's for dinner
Bread bowl filled with brie -- really good!
A wine rack/hanger that we bought for Chris' sister and brother-in-law as a thank you for our using their car on our trip. Pretty cool.
Graumans Chinese Theater, Hollywood, California
Frank Sinatra and Julie Andrews
Chris and Clint Eastwood's prints
Bob Hope's prints and me
Chris hanging with Samuel L. Jackson
Beautiful women in Hollywood - Marilyn Monroe and me smiling pretty
We find awesome food EVERYWHERE - Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich - YUM!
Fun mosaic on the ground
Fun picture
I hope you can click to enlarge this picture to read the print. We stopped for dinner at an old-fashioned ice cream parlor (Farrell's - I guess there used to be many nation-wide) and the menu had great facts about ice cream:
July 18: San Francisco Giants game, AT&T Park, San Francisco Pier 39 and Seafood dinner
This was one of my favorite parks of the entire trip - hands down my favorite park on the West coast!
They say this park is "right on the water" - but SERIOUSLY it is right on the water!
These boats and kayaks were hoping to catch home-run balls
There were great painted quotes throughout the park!
I love this picture! We're in the park with the canal right behind us.
Yogi Berra quotes!
The Coca-Cola Bottle is actually a big slide - well, four big slides... this park was awesome!
The Giant's one-of-a-kind clean-up crew. The seagulls got to work in no time flat and had that place spotless soon thereafter.

We couldn't tour Alcatraz because they were completely booked, but I liked this quote:
Great picture of Alcatraz at dusk
Shrimp Lovers at Bubba Gump Shrimp Company Restaurant - SOOO GOOD!
July 19 - IN-N-OUT lunch with my cousin, Dodger Game
Lunch with my cousin, Marc from Lancaster... I haven't seen him in 12-ish years (we kind of wondered if we'd recognize each other) :-D And my first time at IN-N-OUT
Any idea what stadium we're at here?
These tickets were free because we sat through a time-share presentation in exchange for 4 tickets... Chris was able to sell our extras so we actually made money on this game!
This Dodger-man explained to us the history of the franchise and let us in some back areas of the stadium! :-D

We slept in the car quite a bit on the West coast... as many as four nights in a row. I had a system by this point.
July 20: Sequioa National Park
We had to rely on an old-fashioned map - no GPS signal out here

We saw a total of 8 bears, 4 of which were cubs. One Mama came into the path to let us know to back off. While we were backing off, I look to my right and see another Mother sleeping soundly about 6 feet up in a tree... pretty near our heads.
Her cubs were sleeping above her
This little guy was out in the meadow grazing... man, once the bears were one feet into this grass you couldn't see them at all.
Who knows how many bears are behind us... 3 that we know of...
Sequoia tree named General Sherman

More pictures to come... then back to real blog posting.

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  1. Love seeing Meghan and her adorable belly. Love the sandbox and the slide--way cool! You make sleeping in a car look comfortable, which I know is not. And, I can't believe you saw sooo many bears. So cool!


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