Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Baseball Trip: July 11-15

So... remember that baseball trip of which I was going to post pictures - I still am. I decided to upload them all to facebook first because it was a faster process and then just choose a few for the blog.

So, this is my attempt to get back into blogging -- as soon as all the trip is accounted for:

July 11: Arlington Texas, visiting with cousins, Dallas Cowboy Stadium, Texas Rangers Game, IKEA fun...
Chicken-fried steak!!! Yum!
Cousin Tommy, Second-cousin Stephanie and me in the Cowboy end zone!Ready HIKE!Post game interview -- Describe how you made that awesome catch?!?!Texas Rangers' Stadium with Chris (and his parents, but I didn't have a good picture of all of us)Obinna and I thought of IKEA like a museum/fun house... we played pretend and took pictures:Peek-a-boo!July 12 - Driving through Texas and Texas adventures
Texas Bluebell Ice Cream! Yum!Texas sunset
Great restaurant on Route 66 -The Big Texas: Eat the 72oz steak meal in 1 hour and your meal is freeCheck out this appetizer on the menu:The steak was AMAZING!!!! We are definitely going back.If we had taken the 72oz steak challenge, this would have been our table.July 13: Petrified Forest National Park, Rock Slide State Park, surprising my grandmother and watching the Baseball All-Star game on tv
Petrified Forest National ParkDrawings on rock (through a telescope)Sliding down rocks in ArizonaBombs away!July 14: Driving Arizona to San Diego
The Wall between California and Mexico - and we're on the highway right next to it.
Click to enlarge the picture to read the sign: We Protect America and check out the statistics.
Heat-sensing cameras with border patrolJuly 15: Angles game
Anaheim Angels at batting practiceThe A rock formation/waterfall -- pretty coolFun times!There were a bunch of baseball mouses all around Southern California - we found two... this one is the Anaheim Angels mouse.More to come... and then back to actual blogging.

Happy Autumn and thanks for tuning back in to the trip and future blog posts.

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