Monday, August 16, 2010

Baseball Trip: July 6-10

July 6: Philadelphia, Cheesesteak-Trials, Historical Sights, Citizens Bank Park, Old friends of all sorts, Phillies Game
Cheesesteak Trial - Pat's King of Steaks v. Geno's - great cheesesteak rivalry across the street from each other. First stop: Pat's King of Steaks
Pat's King of Steak's tips on ordering (I appreciated the help):

"What's the best cheesesteak?" asks Chris
"Cheese Whizz" answers the man

Second taste: Geno's Steaks

This place had SO much personality! "Proud to be an American since 1966"
"If you can read, thank a teacher; If you can read in English, Thank A Marine!"

Big bite!
Path of Honor leading to the counter


These flags mark graves of Revolutionary War Veterans

Phillies Mascot
Citizens Bank Park

Great group of friends - horrible lightening. From left (my friends) David, Lisa, Brooke, Chris - selling programs, (Chris' friends) Luke, Graham and Jules
Lisa and I went to high school together and David is her boyfriend. They live in New Jersey.
We "had" to try the Crab Fries
The Liberty Bell rings when the Phillies get a home run

July 7 - Haircut and drive to Michigan
The sports barber shop we found had a really cool height chart. Chris is between Wayne Gretsky and Venus Williams.
I'm taller than Willie Shoemaker and shorter than Mia Hamm.
July 8 - Breakfast in Michigan with Mom and Daddy, US Cellular Park, White Sox Game

My parents should really open a bed and breakfast...
I got to see Lexie very briefly - she spent the month with my mom and dad and was SPOILED! If how they take care of my cat is any indication of how they will (someday) be with my children, I think we've got a great arrangement going!
Another city - more traffic!

The pitcher pitched a no-hitter... it was a short game.

Then we drove to Saint Louis
Drove past Busch Stadium
July 9 - Dinner, Golf and Bass Pro Shop in Springfield, Missouri and a drive from Saint Louis to Tulsa
Miniature golf before dinner

And Chris' ball goes SPLASH!!!

Chris won the game!
This is something like the largest Bass Pro Shop in the country... Chris was REALLY excited about stopping here.

"Look at all of those fishing polls!" Chris exclaimed with eyes shining.
We did not think this alligator was real... we stared at it for several minutes trying to figure out if it was real... neither of us could detect breathing -- then he opened his eyes. We couldn't believe it!

This was the ceiling of one of the rooms... pretty cool.
Lambert's for dinner - Home Of Throwed Rolls!

Dinner with Chris' parents - they love this restaurant
Our waitress who liked to pretend to spill drinks on patrons as a joke
The Lamberts - restaurant founders
July 10 - Drive from Tulsa to Houston, Minute Maid Park, Cardinals v. Astros game with Chris' parents

I caught a fly ball! Okay, I stood in front of the photo op that makes it look like I caught a fly ball.
Chris on the Astros bench

"Eat Mor Fowl" on the Foul Poll - Chic-Fil-A is hilarious!
Go Cardinals!
"Deep in the heart of Texas!" song after the 7th inning stretch

Stay tuned for more pictures from the trip... July 11-29 yet to come!

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  1. Good Golly! I'm so amazed by your traveling endurance! Amazing! You really have seen America now.


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