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Baseball Trip: July 1-5

July 1 - Pittsburgh, a Pirates game and PNC Park
Chris with Heinz Fiend behind him (his brother-in-law is a Steelers fan)

Running to catch up with the Pirate's mascot - a parrot

The park is right on a river and we walked over a bridge after the game. This is PNC park from the bridge.

PNC Park from our parking garage - quick trip in Pittsburgh
July 2 - Yankee Stadium, Yankee Game, Yankee Museum, Dinner with Liz and Tommy
New York traffic - 4 miles; 45 minutes

The legacy of Yankee baseball permeated this stadium... here I'm hitting with Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and Joe DiMaggio
Chris is with Alex Rodriguez
Yankee cuisine - Nathan's Famous Hotdog
Yankee museum - up to bat with Yogi Berra catching (bronzed to commemorate The Perfect Game pitched by Don Larson at the 1956 World Series)

Bronze of Don Larson at the other end of the room
I loved the display honoring Lou Gehrig!

A change of pace with dinner outside the city at Liz and Tommy's farm.
My sweet cousin, Liz
She trains ans shows horses

Liz and Tommy are engaged!

July 3 - Boston, Fenway Park, old friend Mary Carol, Boston Commons Park, Historic Boston, Red Sox game
We took a mid-day tour of Fenway park
Fenway Park's Green Monster, and the CITGO (or See-It-Go) sign

A different angle of The Green Monster
Chris and me on the Green Monster with the field behind us - 4 paramedics cover The Green Monster alone to help people injured by home run balls.

We met my old friend, Mary Carol at Boston Commons and she recommended some great pickles - these cousins started a pickle-selling business when the economy tanked and they've done really well.
Something cool, refreshing and healthy on a summer's day!
Mary Carol is my friend from college and my Big Big Big Sorority Sister!

We walked around Boston Common (a pretty park and garden) and then around historical Boston

It was so good to see Mary Carol!
These ice cream sandwiches were AMAZING!
Keep track of our food on this trip - so awesome and SO DIFFERENT!

A beautiful day at Boston Harbor
With jelly fish in the harbor
We took the Boston subway and we caught a group in the middle of a marriage proposal. These girls held the signs (Will You Marry David?) and while we were in the subway, David and his girlfriend arrived and saw this display -- David got down on one knee and proposed to the woman he was with. A crowd gathered around these girls holding the signs and so we all saw the proposal and began clapping and cheering when she said Yes!
The street outside Fenway Park becomes a part of the park on Game Day!
We sat 17 rows behind Home Plate!
Fenway Franks: Sold in grocery stores (except New York)

Fried dough was supposed to be a Fenway Park staple - we weren't very impressed, but we tried it.
July 4 - Freeport, Maine, L.L. Bean, SEAFOOD, Fourth of July Festivities

My lunch - Steamed clams and steamed lobster!How do I eat this? I had to ask the cooks how to eat these things... they were really helpful!Freeport 4th of July parade - L.L. Bean's famous BIG BOOT

L.L. Bean backpacks...

July 5 - Portland, Maine shore, New York City, Citi Field and the New York Mets
Atlantic Ocean at low tide... with little tide pools
Tide pools full of fun little critters - hermit crab
Baby lobster in the ocean
Baby lobster in our hands

From the Coast of Maine to Time Square New York City!

New York subway - after our experience with New York City traffic for the Yankee game, we parked in New Jersey and took a train and subway to Citi Field

If you go to a Mets game - EAT FROM THE SHAKE SHACK!!!! These cheeseburgers were AMAZING! Also we ate Box Frittes - hard to describe but VERY GOOD - fries with gravy, cheese, more, and more...
Big Apple Home Run symbol!
Empire State Building (from a distance) decked out for the 4th of July!
Stay tuned for the rest of the trip: July 6-29 Yet To Come

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