Monday, April 17, 2017

Our Easter Celebration

We had a wonderful Easter celebration over the weekend and here are some pictures:

Tracey was really into decorating eggs this year, for the first time, so that was fun to do together.

Community Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday

Sunday breakfast at church

Our family picture where we all look dressed up, clean and happy -- which is how we want to remember these years with our children... it doesn't show all the chaos before and after the picture, but that's okay.

In this picture, Tracey is actually giving Caroline an egg... which is a really nice alternative from Tracey taking things from Caroline, which happens in other pictures.

Fun Easter baskets with spring and summer goodies -- jump rope, a soccer ball, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, Easter books, and water shoes.

Also,  a bicycle and helmet for Tracey...

And tricycle/scooters for the twins... the tricycle we had already, but now all three kiddos are ready for fun outside all summer.

We have some shelves in the yard that blew over, and I haven't moved them or picked them up because the kids have so much fun playing with them.  In this picture, Tracey was pretending that Caroline was a bear at the zoo, and the bear was in a cage and she wanted her picture taken with the bear.

In this picture, both she and Howard were bears in their zoo cages.

Hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend.

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