Monday, April 10, 2017

Busy Saturday

This past weekend we had a really busy Saturday, and looking ahead at our next few weekends, I'm thinking we just need to get used to this because a lot of exciting things are on our calendar this Spring.

Tracey's class from school took a field trip on Saturday that families were invited to attend up to the Glenwood Caverns caves, because her school has just finished a unit on minerals and caves.  Hubby had to work all day, so I made arrangements for the twins so that Tracey and I could go on the field trip just the two of us.  The outing was supposed to last about two hours, but there were high winds which shut down the gondola and the outing went about twice as long as was expected.  Thankfully, Tracey was a trooper and the baby-sitters who were watching the twins had flexible schedules.

She's not always a fan of Mama wanting to take pictures...

I love this one...

After the Fairy Caves, we got to mine for gemstones and minerals before we headed down the mountain

Then, Tracey and I came home for about two hours before we all headed back out for a friend's birthday party tea party.  I knew I was pushing it by having such a busy day of activities, but I'm really glad we all went to the birthday party.  Tracey was tired after the morning activities and a shorter-than-normal nap, but she rallied really well when surrounded by the fun and excitement of a birthday party.  I took the three kids all dressed in their best tea party clothes, and then Hubby was able to swing by after work for the last part of the party to say hello, and help me load all the kids up to take them home.

 I couldn't get a good shot of the actual tea party for the big girls, because most of my attention was outside on the twins, but they had a really nice fancy tea party for the older girls.

The little boys cracked me up as they all seemed to gather at this little picnic table for a meeting.

They tried to get a picture of all the kids, but our sweet little Caroline wanted nothing to do with it by this point.

What a great day of Spring fun. 

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