Thursday, April 27, 2017

First Time

So... today marks the first time I am doing an overnight work trip since before Tracey was born.

I have been away from Tracey a handful of times since she was born -- usually for just one night at time (except for the trip a few months ago where she and Hubby went to St. Louis together for a few nights).

I have never spent a night away from the twins since they were born, and I have never left Daddy in charge of all three kids for more than a few hours at most.

So, we've called in reinforcements -- Hubby's mom and a friend of hers have arrived to help run the ship while I'm gone and I'm sure things will be fine.

I will admit, I felt like I was written out a battle plan for both Hubby and his mom to execute in my absence.  What time children to what, who goes to bed with which item, don't forget to put Tracey's hair up before she goes to school or it will be a rat's nest at the end of the day... and more and more and more details.  I'm not sure they will actually read my three pages of suggestions... but they have them to do with what they will.

As for my trip, I am a little stressed about the length of the drive that I'm doing with seven other people in the school vehicle... but I am excited about a night in a hotel without the little ones... and the chance to wake up on the morning without the little ones immediately needing something.

I know I will miss them like crazy... but hopefully this will give me a little R&R from full-time motherhood in order to come back with a little more sparkle.

For a laugh... maybe Hubby will have a night like this:

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