Saturday, February 18, 2017

Good Night

Hubby and Tracey have been in St. Louis for the past week for Hubby's grandfather's funeral service.  It was such a shame we all weren't able to attend the service, celebrate his life, and honor this wonderful man in St. Louis, but the twins and I had to stay in Colorado.

Hubby and I have had many situations in our marriage where we have been different places and separated for various lengths of time.  We do not enjoy our time apart but we know how to endure it until we are together again.

This past trip there was one night where Hubby fell asleep before he and I had said good night to each other.  I did not realize until that night how much I need to say good night to my Hubby before I can fall asleep.

Now, he and I have endured different time zones, different schedules, different responsibilities, and more... but we always say good night.  Sometimes we say good night at 4:00 in the afternooon... but acknowledge that it is the last time we will talk to each other that day, and we say, "Good night."

That particular night, we did not say good night... and I tossed and turned until after 2 in the morning.

From now on, we need to say good night.

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