Friday, February 3, 2017

From Facebook

I saw this on Facebook a few days ago, and thought it might be fun...

1. After whom are you named? 
My dad's college fraternity brother's daughter, Brooke Lawrence

2. Last time you cried? 
I think about a week ago... maybe... but we're throwing a birthday party for all three kids on Saturday, so its possible I will be crying at some point today.
3. Pop or water? 
Water almost all the time, but, if I'm being honest, I LOVE pop -- and I really love that this question uses the word Pop instead of soda
4. What is your favorite lunch meat? 
Honey-baked ham... or Peanut butter and jelly
5. Longest relationship?
I guess I'd have to say my parents... 33+ years, but I think this means a romantic relationship, which would be with my husband -- 5 and a half years married, and seven years in a relationship

6. Do you still have your tonsils? 
 Yes I do.

7. Would you bungee jump?
That's not something in which I have a high level of interest but I have learned to never say never.
8. How many years at current job?
Six and a half. 

9. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?
I always mean to... but as a mom, I usually don't. 

10.Roller coasters?
Sure... but its been awhile. 

11. Favorite ice cream?
Oh... it depends on my mood -- Moose Tracks, or Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough as staples... but Ben and Jerry's Phish Food or Half Baked when I'm angry.
12. Favorite thing to do?
To lay in bed after a long day with three babies sound asleep in their beds, and exchange foot rubs with my Hubby and talk about our days.
13. Football or baseball?
Football from August to February and Baseball from April to October.
14. Leggings or Jeans?
Skirts with tights.
15. What are you listening to? 
The television, which is currently on a commercial -- and two baby monitors (Tracey's coughing and starting to talk a little), and my Hubby's sleep machine.
16. Favorite Color?

17. Tattoos?
18. Married?
19. Hair color?
20. Eye color? 
21. Favorite place to eat?
Oregano's Pizza Place in Arizona
22. Scary movies or happy endings?

23. Android or iPhone?
24. Chevy, Ford or Dodge? 
I guess I have to say Chevy since we now both of our vehicles are Chevys including the one I drive with the kids.
25. Favorite holiday? 
Christmas and the entire Advent season
26. Beer or wine? 
Beer with football, fraternity parties, or picnics, and, wine to unwind at the end of the day, as a cocktail or with dinner.

27. Night owl or morning person?
I'm the mother of three kids under age four... I'm both out of necessity.  I guess these days I'm a night owl because I'm able to get some things done that don't happen during the day, but when I'm on the right schedule (and not subject to my children), I would rather get up and get things done so that my evenings are free.

28. Favorite day of the week?
Usually Saturday because Hubby is home with us... but he's currently working on graduate school, so now he's not always home on Saturdays.  So, maybe Friday because some Fridays I stay home with the twins while Hubby takes Tracey to school, and its fun to have the twins by themselves (and they take longer naps than Tracey, so I'm able to go get more accomplished on those days).

Feel free to use this yourself if you like the questions...

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