Saturday, February 11, 2017

10 On 10

10 Pictures On The 10th Of The Month
(or usually more than 10 pictures in my case)

I have an app that tracks my sleep and now that all three babies have started sleeping through the night (Thank You, Lord!), I expected to have a sleep quality of 100%... but Hubby says sleep cycles are normal and I should be happy with 77%.

Friday was a preschool day for Tracey, so Howard and Caroline and I hung out at my friend's house, and they played in the big baby pen I create for them there.

... and they were sound asleep at pick up.

Back at home, the kids were all playing

So close to Lexie... and yet so far.

Howard toddles around these days and Caroline watches VERY closely and has taken one step a few times, but still watches Howard incredibly closely.

Working hard at the tool bench.

Here Tracey was playing school and tea party with her siblings.

Daddy had to work all day and then run a 7th and 8th grade Valentine's dance Friday night, so the kids did not see him very much -- but the five minutes he was home to pick up our trailer, all three kids waved and waved and waved to him from the window. 

I can't decide if this picture is adorable, or hilarious, or embarrassing.

Getting Tracey packed for a trip to St. Louis with Hubby for a funeral.

At the end of the night, Hubby still wasn't home from the dance, and half my bed was lonely.


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