Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Fashion Sense

I never was raised with siblings of my own age, who shared my same parents... and I know I've said that before, and I'll probably continue to say it in the coming months and years because I think watching my children and the fact that they are siblings is the coolest thing ever.

I love that they are raised by the same people, and they are alike in many ways, but then they have very specific distinct differences as well, and I am fascinated by watching them grow up together, but grown into their own person that God created them to be.

For example, I've never had a child who insisted on choosing her clothes or dressing herself.  In fact, we are just now helping Tracey learn how to dress herself, as a preschool milestone, and she's getting the hang of it and taking pride in her independence, but she has never challenged me on what outfit I choose for her to wear.

Then yesterday, little Miss Caroline apparently decided to get herself dressed and while I was changing diapers, cleaning up breakfast and dressing other children, she repeatedly slung her shirt, then skirt, then pants around her neck to get herself dressed.  Something tells me this fashion sense and independence is just beginning with this one.


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