Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Process

As a mother, I have so much to learn, and among those things are the beauty of the process of doing something with my children.  For once in my life -- really, probably for the first time, these activities are not about the result as much as they are about the process.

Yesterday, I bravely made muffins with Tracey for the first time.

She and I had baked together before, but it was before the twins were born... actually, I'm pretty sure it was before the twins were even on the way, so this was definitely the first time I was baking with her as a full-fledged excited toddler.  Also, the first time baking with my full-fledged excited toddler WHILE there were two other babies on my radar.

Sufficed to say, we survived and the muffins were baked.

We made banana cinnamon chocolate-chip muffins... with extra baking soda.  The actual recipe called for banana nut muffins, but another recipe I looked up added cinnamon, so that part was legit.  The chocolate-chips were just thrown in at the end because we had the end of a bag that needed to be used, and I thought Tracey would like that... and the extra baking soda occurred when I turned around to do something else and Tracey decided to add an additional heaping teaspoon of baking soda to the batter before I could get to her.  I actually was thrilled with how they turned out.

I was fully prepared to end up donating these muffins to the birds if need be, but they are seriously delicious.

The best part about baking with my daughter is the process... the fact that the result was edible is just an awesome bonus.


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