Wednesday, August 24, 2016

26 Things

26 Things About Me
A- Age:  32
B- Biggest fear:  Danger and my children
C- Current time:  10:50pm
D- Drink you last had:  Water
E- Every day starts with:  Nursing two babies
F- Favorite song:  Moon River, Andy Williams
G- Ghosts, are they real?:  I don't know and I have not intention of exploring it
H- Hometown:  Norton Shores, Michigan
I- In love with:  My hubby and my children
J- Jealous of:  Women who are naturally thin
K- Killed someone?:   With kindness...
L- Last time you cried?:  This afternoon
M- Middle name:  Sanden after marriage... no middle name before that
N- Number of siblings:  two halves... which do not make a whole
O- One wish:  For my children's futures
P- Person you last called:  My Momma
Q- Questions you're always asked:  "Are they twins?"
R- Reason to smile:  My so many blessings
S- Song last sang:  "Family Tree" by Tom Chapman
T- Time you woke up:  4:28am
U- Underwear color:  None of your beeswax
V- Vacation Destination: Asia and Austrailia... eventually -- at present, a bed and breakfast without children... or Disney World with children
W- Worst habit: Oh... so many -- but worst is probably complaining
X- X-Rays you've had: Teeth and ultrasounds to look at babies
Y- Your favorite food:  Several -- pizza, steak, chocolate-chip cookies
Z- Zodiac sign:  Capricorn

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